Our University Personnel Department is an administrative organization established according to Article 29 of the Decree Law on Higher Education Institutions with the Number 124 and the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions and the 51st article of the Management Organizations in the Eighth Section of the 2547 Number of Higher Education Law.

It is tasked with conducting studies on the workforce planning and personnel policies of the university, making suggestions on the development of personnel systems, and performing the procedures regarding the appointment, personnel, health, leave, registration, staff, retirement and accrual (salary) of the personnel.

Personnel Department; It carries out studies to improve the personnel with training programs and to increase our employees' job satisfaction, participation and loyalty to the company by paying attention to merit, career principles and competency-based performances while performing their duties.

Informing and guiding the staff in Faculties, Schools, Institutes throughout the university, aiming to reach a happy society with happy employees with a human-oriented approach, to provide fast, accurate, efficient, organized, harmonious and coordinated service.


To try to continuously improve the quality in the services provided within the scope of the job definition,

To reflect an efficient, organized, harmonious and coordinated team spirit with an integrative perspective that is open to innovations in our works,

With an understanding that gives importance to human rights, the entrepreneur aims to provide the needs, training and development of our employees with rapid technological changes; To provide service in a contemporary, dynamic, responsible and ethical manner.

To ensure that our University is a University that researches, learns, implements what it has learned, solves, shares, produces, develops itself, and its employees are happy.

Our Values

Having the principle of honesty

Freedom of expression

To be fair

Having a sense of responsibility

Being open to new ideas

To give importance to cooperation

Supporting team awareness and participation

Being respectful and tolerant

To be bound by ethical values

Being an idealist

Making decisions based on data and information

Having foresight

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