Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To work on the university's manpower planning and personnel policy, to make suggestions on the development of the personnel system.
  2. To carry out the relevant procedures for the assignment, personnel, transfer, retirement and similar works of the personnel who have worked in our university.
  3. To organize and implement pre-service and in-service training programs of administrative staff.
  4. To ensure that the available resources, such as people and materials, are used in the most appropriate and efficient way in order to carry out service activities economically and effectively,
  5. To supervise the activities of the affiliated units, to convey the results to the Secretariat General and to ensure the flow of information,
  6. To continuously and periodically supervise the affiliated personnel in order to ensure that the works of the Unit are carried out with minimum cost within the framework of the determined quality, quantity and time standards.
  7. To determine policies consistent with general policies and group policies at the management level in relation to the activities that are directly stated and managed as the main function of the unit, and to make proposals to the Secretariat General in this regard,
  8. To prepare the annual work programs in cooperation with the relevant units, to present them to the Secretariat General,
  9. To ensure that subordinates understand the determined policies and to implement and implement the determined activities.
  10. To set targets and standards for the future with the personnel, place, materials and other resources allocated to the unit for the execution, direction and evaluation of the unit activities,
  11. To schedule and schedule the activities of himself and his subordinates in order to carry out the activities determined as the basic function in an effective, efficient, economic and qualified manner. To try to connect routine works to forms, to simplify things, to convey the result to the General Secretariat.
  12. Establishing a harmonious, harmonious communication and cooperation system between the staff in the unit and the staff of other units with organic duty relationship, and recommending it to the General Secretariat for approval.
  13. Establishing, implementing and developing an effective recording and file system within the unit.
  14. To transfer the responsibility and authority to the subordinates at the level necessary to effectively implement and carry out the activities of the unit, to hold the responsibility and authority for the results.
  15. To determine the duties, powers and responsibilities regarding the cadres in the unit and the issues requiring a change in the special qualifications required for those to be appointed to this cadre duties, and to propose to the Secretariat General.
  16. To make proposals to the Secretariat General for the selection, dismissal, promotion and appointment, rewarding and punishment of the personnel required to carry out the activities of the Department. To examine and evaluate the suggestions of the personnel movements transmitted from their subordinates to the Secretariat General,
  17. Examining, evaluating and approving suggestions regarding the personnel movements transmitted to him from his subordinates.
  18. To continuously identify the training needs of the personnel and to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary information and equipment to fulfill their responsibilities. To examine the in-service training needs suggested by their subordinates and to prepare programs in this regard. To forward to the General Secretariat,
  19. To provide the necessary guidance for the subordinates, to coordinate the work of the subordinates, to assist when necessary.
  20. To perform other similar tasks.

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