Campus Card

Campus Card

The Campus Card is the University ID card used by Marmara University students and academic / administrative staff in the campus transit systems and within the university.

Where to use?

Campus Card;

At the campus entrances,

In all the dining halls * of the university,

Borrowing resources in all libraries of the university,

In parking passes,

Students who have the right to benefit from indoor gym services,


Campus Card is a card attached to PTT contract check.

* Students can benefit from two meals a day, lunch and dinner. For all other card users, only lunch is available.

What are the Campus Card types?

Student ID Card

It is given to associate, undergraduate, graduate / non-thesis master, doctorate / proficiency in arts students.

Academic Staff ID Card

It is given to faculty members, research assistants, lecturers, lecturers, experts, translators, education and training planners and academics who come within the scope of YÖK.

Administrative Staff ID Card

It is given to temporary and permanent workers with permanent staff and contracted administrative staff working at the University and visa from the Ministry of Finance.

Temporary Card

A temporary card in the form of a visitor card is given to Marmara University students who come from outside the exchange programs (Erasmus, Farabi, Mevlana) / lecturers, special case students, project staff, researchers and those who come to the language course within the scope of ÖYP. Usage and pricing of this card in university services such as dining hall and library may differ.

Retired Staff ID Card

It is given to retired Academic and Administrative staff while working at our university.

More than one card cannot be used in the same status.

How to get it?

Card is issued without applying for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctorate students who have recently registered to the university and students who come to the university. According to the academic calendar ( card printing is completed within 10 days from the date of registration. In this process, information can be obtained from the PTT Call Center at 444 1 788 regarding the stage of the card printing or when it can be received.

Vertical Jump, Horizontal Shift, MÜYÖS, Turkey Scholarship, International Theological and other international programs with settlers students to enroll course to card requests after the last profile photo from address (passport), contact information (phone, address, e-mail ) must be completed and approved for Unit Student Affairs. After the procedures are completed, the card requests of all students whose information is up-to-date and complete are made automatically.

The students receive their cards by submitting their identity copies and the original identity from the relevant PTT branch.

Cards are issued within 10 days without any application for the academic and administrative staff who started working at the university. The persons receive the campus cards whose printing is completed, by presenting their ID copies and the original identity from the relevant PTT branch.

In order for the visiting academic staff to obtain temporary cards, they must apply to the personnel affairs of the Unit they are affiliated with, along with their assignment letters.

Retired personnel ID card is provided after the retirement process of Academic and Administrative personnel is submitted to the Personnel Department with a petition and photograph.

*** Finding photographs in appropriate format in the bys system to print a campus card is also available by T.C. In the online inquiry records of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, T.C. ID number / foreign ID number / tax ID number (KPS) and current population based address registration (ADNKS) should be available in the system. It is not possible to print the campus cards of people with missing / wrong information. In order to make the necessary update, people who have problems with card printing should apply to the District Population Directorates. After the update, the applicant must contact the 4441788 PTT Call Center or PTT Central branches.

Card request of foreign students / staff

For the foreign nationals who have not yet obtained (a) residence permits, they can obtain a tax identification number from the Tax Office branches so that they can request a card, and to the Personnel Department for this Academic ID / ID card; For the student card, the Unit needs to enter the Student Affairs Tax number and Yöksis number into the system. After obtaining the residence permit, the current ID number must be updated from the relevant PTT branches.

Foreign identity numbers are printed by card by learning the foreign identity numbers of foreign nationals with residence permit, starting with 99 .. at

Foreign students receive their cards by presenting their passports from the relevant PTT branch.


What is the validity period?

The validity period of student ID cards ends with the graduation / dismissal of the student, and the validity of academic / administrative / term administrative staff ID cards ends with the person leaving the institution. Cards that have expired cannot be used in University services.

What are the advantages?

Campus card users benefit from the refectory services at a discount. Students who are eligible for a meal scholarship are identified on their scholarship cards.

How to upload money

The campus card can be loaded from PTT branches, PTT Matik or interactive mail check transactions menu.

To add money to PTT Campus Card account from other banks;

Step 1: Choose "Money Transfer / EFT to Account" via internet / mobile / ATM channels

Step 2: Buyer Bank information "Foundation Participation", Buyer City: "Ankara", Buyer Branch: "1840-PTT Money Mail" is selected

Step 3: Enter "Mail Check Account Number" on the back of the PTT Campus Card

Step 4: Enter the desired amount in TL and transfer is completed.

How to create a password?

In order to use your PTT Campus Card, you need to get a password and activate it.

You can get your password by calling 444 1 788 PTT Call Center or from the nearest PTT office. Change your password from PTT Office or Pttmatiks. For your security, do not share your card's password with other people. To get a password through the call center, your GSM number must be defined in PTT systems.

When setting your password, do not use easily predictable numbers, such as your date of birth, for your security.

If you forget your card password, contact 444 1 788 PTT Call Center or the nearest PTT office.

What should be done in case of lost / stolen / malfunction / renewal?

In the event that the campus card is lost, malfunctioned or stolen, 4441788 PTT Call Center is called or applied to Ptt branches.

444 1 788 PTT Call Center is called for problems that occur during the Money Transfer transactions or applications are made to Ptt branches.

Students who are entitled to benefit from the refectory services even though they are entitled to receive a food scholarship should apply to the Health, Culture and Sports Department.

Click here for PTT CAMPUS CARD operations information document.

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